From the Desk of the President


Thousands of friends on Facebook, hundreds of likes on Insta, instant retweets on twitter, never-ending forwards on WhatsApp, and if you are  Old School, a plethora of live friends, loved ones and colleagues to hang out with and enjoy every occasion. This is how we measure our social lives. But school friendships are special. Heck, even school “enemies” are special. These are relationships and memories that can’t be measured. Or as the MasterCard advertisement states, “…Somethings in life are priceless!”

The Mansinghites’ Alumni Association is a small step towards reliving our school days. However, it is also a larger step towards (re)connecting, sharing and creating new memories with our favourite group of school friends, classmates, seniors and juniors. 

We look to foster a community that brings together alumni across the globe to collaborate, network, and share ideas and goals; and at the same time we seek to cultivate and enhance our relationship with the school.

Ours is a young and vibrant alumni association spread across the globe.A lot of hard work and effort has been put in by my seniors and predecessors to establish and sustain the Mansinghites’ Alumni Association. It is while standing on the shoulders of these giants one can contemplate looking forward into the future.

For the years 2019-2020 we hope to focus on the following agendas:

  • To provide engagement, networking and meeting opportunities to our members across the world. This will be done by starting city chapters and interest-group chapters.
  • To have better and more effective communication with members. We have started work on an alumni directory; the website is being revamped; there is an ongoing effort to enhance our social media presence and make sure it is reaching the maximum number of members; a newsletter has been started; and we are also looking at using WhatsApp and opt-in email lists more effectively. The idea is that all members should be aware of the Alumni Association’s activities. We realize that gaps exist in our current Facebook and Instagram focused communications. This year we hope to fill those gaps.
  • To put out an annual calendar of planned activities by April end. This would allow members to plan for alumni events in advance and, hopefully, this will lead to greater participation. We also plan to host at least one networking/ social / cultural event ( sometimes with on the house drinks 🙂 in Jaipur every month along with the big annual get-together.
  • Another focus area is to provide members with discounts/ special access to events and places. We are already working on various collaborations. Among the first of these is the Mountain Quest car drive in April 2019 where Mansinghites get a Rs 2000 special discount. More announcements will be forthcoming very soon.
  • Permanent office space for the Association has been a long standing issue since the inception of OSA. We hope to resolve this issue this year. (If this is resolved we will need a new central point to complain and lament about. Suggestions welcome 🙂
  • The Alumni Sports Club has been an active participant of the Association. Plans are afoot to expand its scope and build inter-alumni and intra-alumni sports activities into the calendar. This should result in the return of the Alumni Sports Day/Festival.
  • The relationship with the School has always been important to the alumni. School is the glue that brings us all together. The new Principal is keen to work with the Alumni. We have discussed the idea of alumni talks at school and invite alumni members to volunteer to give these talks.
  • Last but not least, we hope to work towards creating a small corpus for the Association so that in the future the Association can be more flexible in its work and provide more benefits to its members. Some of you who are wondering how we have not asked for money so far into the letter, don’t worry, you too will not be disappointed this year 🙂

The success of the Mansinghites’ Alumni Association is dependent on the participation and support of its members. Each and every member is important. Please communicate and share your ideas, suggestions and even complaints to us. Together, we can continue to create something special; something that can have an impact far beyond the school and the alumni members, something that future generations can look up to, something that is bigger than the sum of its parts ( I almost added etc. etc. here but I guess you get the point :).

Looking forward to your suggestions and participation in the coming year.

On behalf of the Mansinghites’ Alumni Association Executive Committee,

Rakshat Hooja